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Re-iterating iteration Using containers is all about iterating over them, and std::for_each and std::transform sometimes just don't cut it. In certain cases, one has to extend the standard library:

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28.07.2015 Gallery
Amphi Festival 2015 Impressions from Amphi Festival 2015.
"Amphi zieht um - wir ziehen mit!" - what a difference! The Lanxess Arena does not seem to be ideal to host a festival like this, but still: Despite the rain, the closed stages on Saturday, the missed bands, the intrusive and draconic security personnel, the obnoxious beer vendors, the lack of waste bins the first day....
...we managed to have a little fun, and some people lent me a bit of their precious time to let me take photos of them.

Everyone, feel free to contact me for alternative versions of your photos!

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C++ Style Guides: Under the banner of the stupid doge meme, I have been writing a couple of C++ style guides for the German coding board.
German language only, as information on these topics in English is abundant. Topics covered:
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29.07.2014 Gallery
Amphi 2014: Impressions from the tenth Amphi Festival, 2014.
01.07.2014 Articles
aiPath: Movement Planning in Physically Constrained Domains While pathfinding is an extensively studied field in computer games, planning the actual movements to be performed while following the path is an open field to more in-depth research. Following a path that was planned without considering optimal action selection and physical possibility might produce visible movement artifacts, which in turn can be noticed by human players. Detecting irrational, impossible or simply uncanny behavior easily triggers a repulsive reaction in the player, destroying believability of the game world, and with it the created immersion. Physical movement planning is a technique to plan an optimal path while regarding physical possibility of actions at all times, annihilating movement anomalies. This thesis research examines the use of AI search techniques to plan a path in the physical state space of a vehicle. Different discretization strategies are proposed. Two search algorithms are collaborating to find a path in the discretized physical state space. An initial probing search step makes use of a greedy best-first search in order to quickly expand nodes towards the goal. Both algorithms make use of a custom heuristic evaluation function guiding them towards the goal. An integration into a game making heavy use of open street traffic, Emergency 5, provides detailed results in a real-life scenario. Continue reading...
24.06.2013 Articles
Automatic Language Identification Automatic language identification is an important first step for natural language processing. This paper presents an approach that breaks down any text to sequences of 2 characters, so called bigrams, and analyzes their occurrences in different languages. Detection proceeds likewise, choosing the most likely language. It will show that, using statistical methods, even single bigrams can hint towards a language classification, and that by combining information of multiple bigrams, an extremely performant and accurate classifier can be built.
23.01.2013 Articles
Alpha-Beta Search in Pentalath This article presents general strategies and an implementation to play the board game Pentalath. Heuristics are presented, and pruning improvements to the alpha-beta framework are tested. The resulting program will be able to play Pentalath on a challenging level. Continue reading...
Find more information about Pentalath by Cameron Browne
19.07.2012 Articles
Event based collision detection This web article presents an even-driven update logic for many spacial simulations, which only updates if certain events are received. It is compared to a common frame-based update system. Using a simple particle collision model, both approaches are presented and occurring errors are demonstrated. With showing which one to prefer in certain situations, the article is concluded. Read more...
06.03.2012 Google+ Gallery
Marking the way or warning tape? Fear, uncertainty, doubt. Will that piece of warning tape lead the way, or lure into danger?
Chose Hugin's magnificent Panini projection to rectify this Fisheye shot. The resulting distortion at the edges creates an unusual focus on the center object, which is not distorted. Through the wide angle of the lens, the background is not heavily blurred, even at F1/3.5.
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20.01.2012 Gallery
Glass river, concrete sky. I shot this particular image summer '11, an hour before a thunderstorm. I didn't find the initial shots very appealing, so they went into the reviewing folder for later. Reviewing them now, I found that the sky had surprisingly little contrast, and in contrary, the water had much high frequency detail. The black/white conversion reduced contrast in the sky even more, local contrast enhancement/tonemapping stressed the contrasts in the water. The intense sunshine lights up the trees, while the cloudy sky is comparatively dark. This leads to a surreal glow and unnatural high contrast in the trees. By getting rid of persons and cars the last moving object were removed from the scene, leaving the viewer with a river frozen in time, cold, harsh, hostile. The rocks lining the river seem to be softer than the water.
Shown is the Lechwehr in Landsberg.
26.12.2011 Gallery
Nighttime street in Maastricht Originally taken in 2009, this picture recently found it's way into my digital hands, and after reviewing I found it worthy of editing. It shows Grote Staat in Maastricht at night. Exposure time was 20 seconds or so, most persons are merely shadows. A little color balance and contrast tweaking, finished.